Back in the Day

Some memories never fade….

I remember visiting this place when I was a little kid, which totally seems like a lifetime ago right about now. A day out with a bunch of other kids – a day out with a holiday program designed to entertain kids during the day while their parents were off working- A sunny, bright, crisp, green day full of wonder, delight, and a slight cautious demeanor. And back then, this place freaked me out. Something about it didn’t sit right with me then and it certainly didn’t sit well with me now!


Funny how memories work – I stood on the side of the road trying to figure out where the entrance to Magic Kingdom was and how the hell we got in and I just couldn’t remember how on earth it happened. So many memories of that day flooded back with emotions to match. I had to crack a smile for the sheer fact that this place was the place I conquered one of my greatest fears – the fast, spinny and off the ground type ride (I was six/seven at the time – so that was a huge fear and still is)

Looking at these photos now and also experiencing the now Magic Kingdom, still amazes me how things have changed during the course of time. How things just disappear without a trace and simply become a significant memory. I suppose somehow the six-year-old me experiencing the challengings of fears and conquering them, have somehow shaped me into the person I currently am and revisiting this place has somehow allowed me to reflect and smile at the confident little me who I had long forgotten about and needed to be reminded of the strength within me (deep! I know).

I hope to revisit this place again in the near future and really get to explore it more! before it’s too late and redevelopers decide to flatten it all down.


Lansvale, New South Wales, 28.5 km South West from the Sydney CBD (17.7 miles)

Travel time

Car/Driving time: approximately 41 minutes via the Hume Highway /A22

Public Transport: approximately 1hr and 31 minutes – trains (T2/T3) heading towards Liverpool via the Bankstown line – stopping at Carramar Station and then an approximately 31 min walk from the station to Magic kingdom.


Until next time… stay awesome and seek out the adventure!


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