Exploring Manly Dam

“There is always an adventure waiting in the woods.”
Katelyn S. Bolds

It’s been a long while between post. Due to family commitments and work, I haven’t had the time to go out in search of new places to hiking and also go out exploring hidden gems around Sydney, until this Saturday (September 2, 2017) when I decided to head out in search of some peace and tranquillity just outside of Sydney.



The dam, also known as the Manly Dam Reserve or the Manly Warringah War Memorial park is situated in the Urban Bushland about 17 kilometres (11 miles) north of the Sydney CBD, in the Northern Beaches Region. The Manly dam itself covers approximately 378 hectares (1.45174 square miles or 929.116 Acres) which includes the dam water itself covering round-about 30 hectares (74.1316 acres or 0.115831 square miles) surface area .

The reserve also provides a variety of fantastic bush walking and mountain biking tracks – 9.72 km (6.04 miles). Which is a great opportunity to get lost and marvel at the wonderful beauty of nature which surrounds you during your hike/walk or ride. Who doesn’t like to get lost? although, it is easy to navigate around the tracks due to the little red triangles to indicate where to walk and go to reach your desired destination.


IMG_0143The travel time from Sydney’s CBD by car usually takes about 28 minutes via the A8 (which includes tolls) or 30 minutes via the M1 and A8 (currently toll free) and parking in the National Park depends on the season – winter months you are looking at paying $7 AUD an hour or $23 AUD a day / Summer months you are looking to pay $8 AUD an hour and $24 a day. If you are travelling by Public Transport (using the 178 bus, 180 bus or the 179 and then the 145 bus) the travel time would be around 50 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes – but take into consideration while travelling on Sydney’s public transport the waiting time and also possible traffic congestions (because it’s Sydney and nothing really runs on time).

the Manly Dam also has BBQ picnic areas and a fantastic swimming area for families and individuals but just a reminder, most National Parks in NSW aren’t catered for dogs nor do they allow dogs to be on the grounds or off the leash/lead while visiting the Parks. So make sure you take the time to look up the rules and regulations in your planning and prior to visiting the site.

For more information regarding Manly Dam Reserve please visit Manly Dam Northern Beaches

Manly Dam


Until next time… stay awesome and experience the adventure!









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