South Australia

Remarkable Rocks – Kangaroo Island Signature Landmark

Remarkable Rocks can be located in the Flinders Chase National Park. A protected area and also a sanctuary for endangered species and geological phenomena. Located at the west end of one of the Australia’s third largest island, Kangaroo Island (Also one of the most beautiful places in Australia)


Remarkable Rocks 


With approximately 500 million years of rain, winds and pounding waves, have created the island’s signature landmarks and impressive sculptures – the Remarkable Rocks. Which stand near the cliff’s edge and high above the sea below, adding to the outline of the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island.


Remarkable Rocks 


There are wooden boardwalks leading up to Remarkable Rocks, which allows for a safe and smooth walk and also provides assistance and support for those who may be less mobile or need wheelchair assistance. Although it’s easy and safe to walk on during the drier days/months, special consideration and caution should be taken during the wet/windy weather. Due to the fact, there isn’t anything to hold onto to assist you during the wet/windy/slippery weather.


Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks brings in hundreds of visitors each day, so my suggestion is to the magnificent natural sculptures either early in the morning (and witness a wonderful sunrise) or bare witness to the beautiful sunset in the late afternoon. Just to avoid crowds and getting that ‘perfect’ picturesque postcard photograph.

Remarkable Rocks

Other than being such a beautiful natural structure, Remarkable Rocks has a huge and important history and connection with and to the Aboriginal community (past and present).  I’m not too sure about the stories and to be honest I wouldn’t do much justice in retelling the Dreamtime Stories or Aboriginal Connection regarding Remarkable rock, but I do know that the Remarkable Rocks have a deep seeded connection to the local Aboriginal Tribe of Kangaroo Island and also mainland Australia. So, I highly suggest either visiting Remarkable Rocks to learn of the Dreamtime stories or google them the best you can. As I said, I would not do it justice it by retelling the stories and getting it completely wrong.

Remarkable Rocks

Lastly, I think Remarkable Rocks are one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Not only does it provide beauty, exploration, adventure, but also some sort of spiritual connections and natural amazement. Imagine standing next to something that has taken 500 million or so years to be made and continues to be influenced by the environmental elements. Something that has been structured and molded by the environment itself and providing the landscape a beautiful natural sculpture. Simply imagine to its humble beginnings to what stands before us outlining the Kangaroo Island Coast landscape. Simply beautiful.

I do highly recommend visiting Kangaroo Island and pitstopping at Remarkable Rocks to end the day. Trust me, you won’t regard it!

Happy adventure and exploration… until next time…. stay awesome!




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