Rose & Brunswick St Graffiti Scene

I would definitely say that Melbourne is the graffiti capital of Australia and that Fitzroy is the epicentre (I may change my opinion in the future, when and if I do see another place to be the melting pot of Street Art).

This time round, I didn’t spend too much time in the Fitzroy area as I thought I would be slightly adventurous and expand my exploration to other parts of Melbourne and Victoria. But I did spend some time  – early Saturday morning.

In my opinion, walking around Fitzroy has its pros and cons. The pros: not many people out and about so you can get the photo you want and if the cafe you’ve always wanted to try out is open then there is no problems of it being crowded. The cons: well that’s just it, no people means nothing is really open. So you can’t wander in and out of shops. Also if the cafe you’ve always wanted to t


IF you have any suggestions about where I should go to check out more awesome street art and graffiti … Comment below!

So, Until next time…. stay awesome!!!


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