Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Disclaimer: Let me state that I am not a coffee expert nor do I claim to be. But I do like good/great coffee. So the following Coffee shops mentioned below are some of the coffee shops I have visited while travelling and visiting Melbourne and Victoria. These are only suggestions on where to visit. Not a criticism of the quality of coffee blends, the texture and where they may come from. As stated these are simple suggestions of coffee shops around Melbourne and how busy/crowd/awesome they may or may not be. 

Jasper’s Coffee

267 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Vic

Jasper’s Coffee has been there since I’ve been heading down to Melbourne ever since the early 2000’s. Located on Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Jasper’s Coffee is this little hideout coffee shop which secludes you from the hustle and bustle of  Hipster-Ville that is Brunswick Street. As you walk through the store to get to the back courtyard, you get a glimpse at the different types of coffee beans and coffee accessories they sell. Although packed with items, Jasper’s Coffee seems comfy and easy to manoeuvre around.

Jasper’s Coffee crew make amazing flat whites (one thing I dislike is burnt milk in my coffee) Although I haven’t had anything to eat there, their cakes selections seem to be delicious to the eye.

Tip: I wouldn’t suggest people with wheelchairs to enter the store and head out to the courtyard for the simple reason the store, in my opinion, seems too tight for wheelchair access. But Jasper’s also offer adequate kerb side seating which would be a better option.

Jaspers coffee
Jasper’s Coffee Map

A large Flat White will cost you about $4.50  (take away or sit in)

For more information about Jasper’s Coffee please visit their Website


In A Rush

99 Spencer Street, Docklands (Southern Cross Station)

Now, My choice of travel to and from Melbourne would be by Train. And after 11 hours on a train heading from Sydney to Melbourne (Southern Cross Station), you kinda miss that awesome taste of coffee and you cannot wait to taste that smooth liquid gold so early on in the morning but the downfall of this is that you have to wait another hour or so for them to open and start operating.

But if you’re waiting for a train to anywhere else or to Sydney, In A Rush ‘Cafe’ is the perfect place to grab yourself a good ole’ coffee.


in a rush map
In A Rush – Southern Cross Station Map

A large Flat White (take away) will cost you about $4.20

Tip:  Perfect for anyone to grab a coffee on the go or a soup on the go


Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CDB

Now, I heard and seen a lot of Instagram post about Brother Baba Budan. And I just had to go down and see what the fuss is all about.

And to be honest, it wasn’t what I expected. Space was small with a huge communal table in the middle of the coffee shop and way overstaff for the morning traffic. It was an interesting place but at the same time failing.

Although I made a visit at 10 am on a Tuesday morning, the morning rush was just beginning ( I’ve noticed that Melbourne people start to move and work around the 10 am mark) and the line was out the door. But for all my negatives I will say that the staff there were lovely and friendly. The coffee itself was nice and strong, a good kick start for the day ahead. But please don’t let what I’ve said stop you from visiting this place. It really does serve the best coffee in the city and it is worth the visit!

brother baba budan map1
Brother Baba Budan Map

Tip: My tip for anyone visiting this place is this, you may want to get off the tram on Elizabeth St and walk up because – walking down from William St is a long but nice stroll. Also, if you hate crowds you may want to visit this place early in the morning or later on in the afternoon when there isn’t much of a crowd or rush. Remember I went in there around tenish and it was packed so I dunno how earlier you need to be there.


For more information about Brother Baba Budan please visit Seven Seeds

Acland Continental Cakes

97 Acland Street, St. Kilda

If you want cakes, Acland Street, St. Kilda is the place for you and your sweet tooth. Acland Cakes gives you an arrange of coffees, cakes, sweets and more cakes.

A nice and cosy place located on the main strip of St. Kilda, Acland Continental Cakes has been around for some time which may indicate that they are doing something very right in the coffee and cake world.

With its array of different cakes (such as French Vanilla Slice, Crostoli, Polish Baked Cheesecake, Florentine, Chocolate Mousse and tarts of all sorts) in the shop front window and also inside, this will definitely make you confused and indecisive for some time, but the friendly staff are patience and will allow you the time to make the right decision. I highly recommend that if you do visit St. Kilda, do visit Acland Continental Cakes and Monarch Cakes (which is located right next door) to satisfy all your cake and coffee needs.

The price of cakes ranges from $5 to $9 and the prices for a large coffee will cost about $4.50 – $5 for a Flat White. And you can sit in or take away (Which is also highly recommended if you wanna watch the sunset over St. Kilda Beach)

Tip: Make sure you eat prior to visiting the Acland Continental Cake shop, because trust me you will either stand there for ages trying to figure out what taste you’re after and won’t make the right decision for your sweet tooth. Plus, this place also gets packed but I’m sure there’s a courtyard at the back – Not too sure but try it anyways. 


acland cakes maps
Acland Cakes – Acland Street, St. Kilda


Monarch Cakes

103 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Located on the same main strip as Acland Continental Cakes, Monarch Cakes has been around for 80 yrs working its magic in bringing the best tasting cakes to St. Kilda. Unlike Acland Continental Cakes, Monarch Cakes only does a limited number of cakes but still maintains its old ways of making the cakes.

The best cake, in my opinion, would be the homemade Polish Cheesecake and it’s to die for. But be warned this place gets packed all day, every day and the worse time to go would be in the early evening. So, if you are the kind of person that hates crowds, then avoid going there in the evening or if you do, get takeaways and go and watch the sunset or beach scene (if you can wait that long before digging into the cakes)

Tips: If you are up for a bit of pushing and shoving then, by all means, go during the peak hours and order. But I do suggest that if you haven’t an issue at what time is a good time to eat cake, then an early afternoon visit would be good. Also, make sure you have eaten prior to visiting this place. Decisions on an empty stomach are the worse. But make sure you order the Homemade Polish Cheesecake (as seen in the picture below) you will not regard it, I promise. 

For more information about Monarch Cakes on Acland Street, please visit their Website

Melbourne Zoo

Elliot Ave

You would never think that you would get awesome coffee in a Zoo but I did. I kid you not, this coffee was the best I have tasted in any Zoo. Now, I’m unsure the name of the cafe I got this Flat White from but boy did it brighten my day and gave me the ‘umpf’ I needed to complete the whole zoo.

The cost of a large Flat White was about $4.50(??)

Tip: no tip really. Just enjoy your day at the Zoo and be sure that your coffee needs are met



16 Spencer Street, Melbourne

Olivier’s Cafe is right smack bang in the heart of Melbourne City. Located on Spencer Street and inside one of Melbournes ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ hotel, Pensione.

During Saturday and Sunday,  it is difficult to get seating after 10 am, so be prepared to wait a while before a table is available. But make sure you get to read the menu while you are waiting to eliminate more waiting time. A nice, clean and bustling place, Olivier’s offers an array of breakfast and meal choices alongside with coffees and juices.

My order for the morning was the ‘Olivier’s Big Breakfast’ and a large Flat White (mind you I had to wait around ten to 15 minutes and to be honest with you, that ain’t much of a wait time – pretty good for a packed house)

The cost of the meal wasn’t too dear with what I got and it was delicious as well. So thumbs up for the service, meal and coffee!

Tip: If you don’t mind waiting for a bit then this place is the place for you. Nice, cosy, friendly and open, Olivier’s is the place to be when it’s wet, wintery and cold outside. But make sure you aren’t in much of a hurry and you’re having a lazy day because there’s a wait but I’m sure as hell the coffee and the food will make up for all the waiting.

olivier's map
Olivier’s – Located inside the Pensione Hotel – 16 Spencer St, Melbourne


Amici’s Bakery Cafe

242 Chapel Street, Prahran

When I walk into a cafe, I first check out the scene and see if it’s the place for me, you know the feeling of ‘yeah this place will do’ – the home away from home kinda feel. And I’ve gotta say that this place wasn’t the place for me. I suppose the arrangement of where to pay and where to order confused me a little and the barista or the person behind the counter seemed to be a little off-putting. But nevertheless, Amici’s Bakery Cafe served the perfect coffee, and also allowed for it to be in a takeaway cup (mind you it was cold, rainy and just one of those days where staying in bed would have been the perfect option) But all aside, as this cafe didn’t sit well with me, it did make good coffee.

Tip: take the time to see what type of cakes and baked goods they have cos’ I know I didn’t. For people watching, make sure you get the prime outside seating but if you’re into some wonderful art then make sure you sit inside. 


amici bakery and cakes maps
Amici Bakery Cafe – 242 Chapel Street, Prahran

For more information about Amici Bakery Cafe, just click here


107A Canterbury Rd, Middle Park (on the 96 St Kilda Tram Line)

This little quaint cafe on the 96 St. Kilda tram line will make your Sunday brunch that little bit special. The Cottage style cafe offers an array of breakfast and lunch options paired well with Juices, Teas and Coffees to your taste buds satisfaction.

The reason why I think this cafe is slightly awesome is where it is situated, ON A TRAM LINE (between the city and the beach) like come on! you do not see this in Sydney.

But on a serious note this place gets pack over the weekend (I’m seeing a pattern here, Melbourne Cafes do get packed during the weekend that’s for sure) but nevertheless this place is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or coffee dates and catch ups.

Tip: Don’t sit outside when it’s winter, although there are blankets available it’s just awkward to eat and have a blanket wrapped up around you – you will need to have some serious skills to manage food and blanket alike. Also just enjoy watching the trams go by if you do sit outside. And make sure you catch the 96 Tram from Southern Cross Station Tram stop heading towards St.Kilda.

For more information about Mart130, please visit their site by clicking here.


221 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

A must try spot. Perfect burgers and perfect coffee. Located a couple of blocks from Gertrude St. (approx. 5 blocks) it’s a perfect stroll to encourage some serious food and coffee intake.

The little cafe has a warm and friendly atmosphere which complements the food and coffee greatly. A must see and must visit is needed if you ever wander the streets of Brunswick St. Fitzroy.

Tip: This spot is really hard to spot, so make sure if you are going to visit this place you know exactly where it is. I just happened to walk in there without intent. 

For more information – click here to visit Gutz Facebook page.

Bear and Bean

46/48 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong

This is totally not in Melbourne, but in saying this, if you ever decide to do a road trip to Geelong, this is the place for you to visit.

Located in a tiny little car park in the back streets of Geelong, Bear and Bean Cafe offer healthy and satisfying breakfast, brunch and lunch options with an array of coffee, juices and tea options.

A perfect little shed for all your ‘hipster’ photographs and also taste bud needs. Bear and Bean is a perfect little hideout to satisfy your food and coffee cravings.


Tip: This place is slightly hard to find if you’re out of town (or maybe it was just me and I got slightly confused – who knows) but once you find it make sure you enjoy the atmosphere, food and coffee. I know I did and hope to return there in the future. 

bear and bean map 2
Bear and Bean Cafe – located in the corner of a tiny little car park


For more information about Bear and Bean, make sure you click here and get the full explanation!


So, that’s all from me regarding the Melbourne Coffee scene. Let me know where your favourite coffee shops are? and why you like them?

Until next time ….. stay awesome



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