“noted for the quality and the often political nature of its art” Chris Johnston 

Hosier Lane in Melbourne’s CBD (City Business District) is notoriously known for it’s Graffiti and Street Art statements that stretch up and down the laneway.

With it’s permanent bluestone cobble and hipster like cafes, Hosier Lane is forever changing and evolving with it’s street art statement pieces.

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A forever evolving hub, Hosier Lane is the central point for political pieces, self expression and artistic flare. Where tourist can wander and be immersed into the street art culture and street photographers/photographers can merge subjects with a stunning backdrop.

No matter when you visit, Hosier Lane is sure to excite the street photographer in you. Or inspire the political activist, street artist or just the mere art critic.



So if you’re ever in Melbourne, make sure to wander over to Hosier Lane and bring a camera with you. You don’t wanna miss a stunning piece of street art.


For more information about Hosier Lane and other lanes in Melbourne – visit Street Art – City Of Melbourne




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