R_O_N_E- Artsplice of beauty and decay

“Finding the friction point between beauty and decay” 


Not many people can combine beauty and decay- But one street artist has found a way to bring the two elements together. In this stunning form, Rone has managed to bring the two together and form one of the most stunning pieces of artworks and art collection within the street art genre.

In late October, I had the pleasure to head down to Melbourne and attend Rone’s exhibition. And I can honestly say, I was totally amazed at the artistic skills and quality of the artworks.


Rone’s work can be found underneath bridges and decaying houses around the world – from  New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Christchurch, Santo Domingo and Port Villa.

With the success of Rone’s street artwork, such galleries as the National Gallery of Australia (A.C.T, Australia) , National Gallery of Victoria (Victoria), Stolen Space (London), White Walls ( San Francisco), Urban Nation (Berlin),  Opera Gallery (in New York) have either acquisitioned, commissioned and/or shown Rone’s Work.


For more information regarding Rone’s artwork, head to r-o-n-e.com.


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