“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”

Banksy – Wall and Piece


They say that “art is in the eye of the beholder” just like beauty and I suppose there is some truth in that statement, when we speak about graffiti art or street art. Some hate it and some love it. 

When I think of graffiti and/or street art, my mind automatically wanders to Melbourne and the amazing street art that they have show cased for years. Although, Sydney does have its little hubs of graffiti art in Newtown, Chippendale and St.Peters. Melbourne just seems to embrace the art technique as part of its own identity with places such as Collingwood, Fitzroy, St.Kilda and the city centre lanes such as Hosier Lane /Rutledge Lane and Centre Place, are some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti displays.


Located 3 kilometres North West from Melbourne’s Central Business District, Collingwood has been known for its ‘rough around the edges’ type feel but with it’s growing Bohemian attitude and street art culture the diamond in the rough has now outshine most of Melbourne’s street art and foodie culture.

Places to Eat:

If you’re into Burgers, beers, Graffiti, Rap/hiphop and trams, best place for this combination would be Easey’s, located on 3/48 Easey St, Collingwood. You will not be disappointed with this wonderful combination of goodness.



Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Now this is the place to be for some graffiti art photography. Located only 2 Kilometres outside of Melbourne’s Central Business District, Fitzroy offers you a multitude of sins ranging from awesome coffee, fantastic food, wonderful op-shops, fabulous market stalls and last but not least, amazing graffiti to consume you all day long.

For as long as I can remember, Fitzroy has always been one of my favourite suburbs to visit while in Melbourne. The amazing graffiti artwork that line up, down and in the side streets of Fitzroy, has kept me busy for hours on end.

An awesome and wonderful place to get lost and experience the beauty of different graffiti art, techniques and statements.

Places to Eat:

Now, if you want breakfast with your beer, head down to Joe’s Garage. Located on Brunswick street, Joe’s Garage is your typical diner. Decked out to look like a garage, it offers you the sense of eating your meal in a freshly clean workshop.

If you’re more of a retro cafe type of person with the taste and need for a mean kick ass burger, then head up the road to Gutz Cafe and grab yourself the Brunswick Burger (trust me, this burger is to die for). Not only does Gutz Cafe offer amazing food but their coffee are awesome (But then again, majority of coffee shops in Melbourne kick butt)

But .. if you are in the mood for some Asian fusion with a twist then head down to Rice Queen Oriental Diner and Bar. Or if you’re more incline to eat fusion style tapas with a roof view and walls covered with semi naked pictures, then the  Naked For Satan is for you.

St. Kilda

Melbourne’s answer to Bondi Beach of the south, St. Kilda.

St. Kilda has a lot going for it. With it’s retro Luna Park, Stunning ocean views and wonderful eating strip, the last thing you would think they would squeeze in would be the graffiti culture and WOW is it amazing. Although,  I’ve gotta be honest and say that the graffiti art culture in St.Kilda isn’t as big as it is in the other two location. But were there lacks in quantity they surely do make up for it in quality. Located just 6 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s central business district in the City of Port Philip. St. Kilda Beachy suburb backdrop brings the graffiti culture to the next level of sass.

Places to Eat:

Well, well, well.

If you love your dessert and you love your cakes then head over to Monarch Cakes. Seriously, you will not be disappointed. The Polish Cheesecake and Flat white coffees would be one of my greatest weaknesses. A unique coffee/bake house that offers the customer that home away from home type of feel when visiting a different city.

Hosier Lane

If you don’t know Hosier Lane, then let me introduce you to the mecca of graffiti art.This place is forever changing. I remember visiting Melbourne in mid march of this year and being swept up in the awesomeness of the amazing artworks. Later I decided to come down to Melbourne in early April and the once amazing artworks that I had admire not so long ago were covered up with new pieces of work and new statements by new artists.

Hosier Lane is one of many legal graffiti hubs in Melbourne laneways. Allowing artist to express themselves and their dislikes through the means of graffiti work. I found one piece of artwork striking. Three posters stickers with images of people from different backgrounds with the written word ‘Aussie’. I suppose the reason why I found this image so striking is of it’s simple message, that we may all be different in our appearances but we are all just one of the same.

I found that visiting Hosier Lane during the night time to be a peaceful and relaxing experience rather than visiting it during the day time and trying to manoeuvre through the crowds. So if you are brave enough or stupid enough and you wanna see and experience Hosier Lane, visit it during the early hours of the evening when the crowds have all gone home. But I do warn you to be mindful of the dangers and also if you can, please go in a group, just for safety reasons.

Flinders Lane

Lastly – Centre Place.Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD (central business district) Centre Place is the ultimate hub for food and graffiti viewing. Nothing peaceful about this place. During the day, crowds flock to eat, drink and like myself, take photographs of the newly painted artworks on the walls. At times, due to crowds, trying to turn around and head in the other direction has been proven to be extremely difficult. So, if you’re into to crowds and healthy organic food then this is the place to be.

Places to Eat:

I was fortunate enough to score myself a seat in a little cafe after my photography session. AIX Cafe Creperie offers an array of different types of crepes to your specific liking.



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