And Photographers

(amateur and professional)

It’s about time you and I had a little talk….

Around this time of year, Sydney literally puts on a light show (Vivid Sydney) with light installations all around the city from Chatswood to Darling Harbour and onwards and outwards toward Circular Quay .

And right about this time of year, my instincts to stay alive while taking photographs kick in and I became a skilled ninja with a camera and limited to no patience all due to the fact that I have to battle people with limited common sense when they get excited.

Now, I totally understand the excitement and being swept up in the moment or a moment. I also understand that some of you may be dragged by your friends/partner/family and you don’t want to be there and I also understand that you wanna beat the cold and see everything at once. I totally understand all of these issues, because I’m also trying to do the same but with a little less impact on others. But in saying that,  here is a list of what not to do during Sydney’s Vivid Festival.

What not to do and what to do @ Vivid:

  1. Photographers – Your tripods. Your tripods pose a major threat to my health and wellbeing. Not only is it dark but must you spread yourself out on the water edge like that? Do you see the problem here? For the last few years I have watched photographers push and shove themselves as close and near to the water edge to take the same photo as the photographer next to them. And I’ve wondered ‘What if someone trips on the tripod legs and it (camera) falls into the water?” I suppose what I’m trying to say here is, hi vis the tripod legs so its noticeable and visible. Also try not to group yourselves too closely together.
  2. Walking Photographers – Stopping suddenly. Like what the hell! The amount of times I’ve walked into someone taking a photograph because they’ve suddenly stopped, has exceed the desired number. So, if by chance you see something awesome and it’s struck a chord on your heart strings. Please move to the side and take the photo there or move into your desired position once the crowd has moved on. JUST DON’T STOP SUDDENLY
  3. Couples –  Be mindful. I know the object and lights behind you is gorgeous and you want to take a selfie with your love one and then use it as a facebook profile picture. But please be mindful where you stand and how long you take – to take a selfie. Others might want to use the same space as well.
  4. Mobile Photographers– Stop flashing. Not nice. Switch your flash off when you take a photo. It’s a light show and it’s dark and that’s what it’s all about. Others do not want to be blinded by your flash (even if it is for a few seconds). And if you want to capture something on a reflective surface it will not work. Trust me… 101 in photography.
  5. Prams – Last year I had about 20 or so prams either stop suddenly, ran into my shins or I’ve tripped over due to the fact the parents were going the wrong way. Now, before you think I’m on a hate campaign, I’m not. I just do not understand why most parents need such devices and why most parents bring out their six month old bub outside in the freezing cold at 7 o’clock at night to watch a bunch of lights. I just do not understand. But if you wish to bring out the prams and whatnot, please be mindful of us mere common folk behind, aside and in front of you.
  6. The Pushy, The Rude and the Selfiestickers_ Just no!! Do not push, do not exercise your rudeness and do not whack me over the head or place your selfie sticks near me. Stop and think ‘how would I react if someone did this to me?’. Just be mindful about personal space and about how you act – because we’re all there for the same reason you are.


Basically what I’m trying to say – Let’s all be mindful of each other and allow all of us to enjoy this wonderful and spectacular Sydney event.

VividSydney is on – from the 27 May til the 18 June.


2 thoughts on “Dear.Vivid.Visitors

  1. Yay! Go Lily! You tell them how it is! 👍👏 last year in the pitch black at Circular Quay I tripped over a black dog that someone had thought would be a good idea to bring along. Felt sorry for the dog, not his fault, but could have caused serious injury. Way too many people = danger


    1. Wow Sue! I cannot believe that someone would bring their pups to something so crowded. Sorry that you had to trip over the pup. I suppose that should be another common courtesy- if you’re going to bring a pet hi vis that too.


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