What’s in a Memory?

When you think about the past, there is always this underlying connection and fondness to a time and place. It brings a smile to your face and sometimes a tear. No matter what, it will always connects us to that moment in our history and the people that meant something to us.

And I suppose that’s what the Royal Easter Show does for me. It transports  me back to a time and place where there’s no responsibilities or stresses of adult life. Just a carefree sense of life, where the smallest of things are intriguing and the joys of flashing lights and catchy tunes widens my smile and curiosity. A transportation back to childhood.

I was first introduced to the Royal Easter Show by my late father, way back in the mid 80’s. Back then, the Royal Easter Show was held at the now known location of FOX Studios  (Moore Park). I remember the day I heard the announcement that the Easter Show was to be relocated to it’s current location and truth be told, my heart did break (just a little). At the time, I felt my childhood being taken away or stolen from me by the rich and famous to build (or redesign) something that wasn’t going to be worth the time and effort.

But I suppose that’s what a memory is, isn’t it? Something that cannot be taken away, brought or stolen from you. A piece of treasure that you can hold onto until the end of time. Something that can give you pleasure and see you through your darkest days and be shared through stories of yester-years with love ones.

But not to go off topic too much, I had the pleasure taking my mother to this year’s Royal Easter Show. Which was fantastic and great fun.

My mother always respected the fact that the Easter Show was a thing my father and I did. Annually. So taking her this year to the Show was something special. For both of us. It was nice to see her smile and hearing about her knowledge about farm life and other things regarding farming. (side note: it’s pretty awesome when your parents know something traditional, old fashioned and can teach you a few things or two…even when you’re old)

Although the Easter Show isn’t the same visually. It felt the same. It felt good to feel youthful, young and carefree. It also felt great to make more wonderful memories.

So what’s in a memory?

happiness; love; good and bad times and most of all, all the people you love.

So, make memories and capture moments. Either with your heart or with a camera.

They’ll help along the way in this journey of life.


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