The Blue Mountains

By Henry Lawson

Above the ashes straight and tall,

through ferns with moisture dripping

I climb beneath the sandstone wall,

My feet on mosses slipping.

Like ramparts round the valley’s edge

The tinted cliffs are standing,

With many a broken wall and ledge,

And many a rocky landing.

And round about their rugged feet

Deep ferny dells are hidden

In shadowed depths, whence dust and heat

Are banished and forbidden.

The stream that, crooning itself,

comes down a tireless rover,

Flows calmly to the rocky shelf,

and there leaps bravely over.

Now pouring down, now lost in spray

When mountain breezes sally,

The water strikes the rock midway,

and leaps into the valley.

Now in the west the colours change,

the blue with crimson blending;

Behind the far Dividing Range,

The sun is fast descending.

And mellowed days comes o’er the place,

And soften ragged edges;

The rising moon’s great placid face

Looks gravely o’er the ledges.

There’s something about the Blue Mountains that makes me smile each time I visit it.

Today I took myself up to there for the day via train. It took a good two hours or so to travel to my destination and to be honest, it was worth every minute of my time. What an experience. (handy hint: make sure you get the train from central. That way, you’ve got yourself a seat)

What I really love about the mountains is the vastness of it all and how tiny everything seems when you’re overlooking the Three Sisters.

Today I didn’t really give myself the time to go and explore the trails below. But my future goal is to explore the heart and core of the mountains right up to Ruined Castle. That shall be my mission to accomplish by the end of the year.

Besides the environmental beauty, the Blue Mountains and the Katoomba area offer a wonderful range of street photography. So, other than taking in the beauty of the Three Sister’s and the ‘blueness’ of the mountains, I took the time to photograph some Art Deco/Arty houses and humans along the way.

If you find yourself in the area, make sure to walk around the surrounding suburbs. Don’t just take in the sheer beauty of the mountains in but also the community that surrounds them. And trust me when I say this; you will not regret doing so. There is so much more to the area than meets the eye. You’ve just gotta explore and get lost. Get really lost.

Take the time and capture the moments, both visually and emotionally.


For more information about transport and the Blue Mountains, please visit Sydney Trains  for all your transport needs and  Visit NSW: Blue Mountains  for all your mountain experience and information.

One last thing, take as many photos as you can and enjoy the scene!!

Enjoy the mountains!!


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