Sydney Chinatown




Exploring taste and Discovering the culture

Spirit Figures - Sydney's Chinatown
Kimber Lane ‘Spirit Figures – In Between Two Worlds. – Sydney Chinatown

No matter where you find or lose yourself on this round thing called Earth, you can be sure that you will somehow one night (or day) end up in that city’s Chinatown.

 And that’s what happened to me on Friday night (25 March). I simply wanted to lose myself in my photography and yet I found myself wandering through Sydney’s Chinatown Friday Night Market.

Living in Sydney, I’ve visited most markets and seen most of Sydney. But to be honest with you, I’ve not really experienced much of Sydney’s Chinatown. I suppose it just felt hidden from mainstream Sydney. In saying that, I know that statement seems a little flawed but it’s true. That whole adage comes into mind ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

That evening started off as any other evening. I tossed and turned my mind over with the questions on whether or not to go out. Then I made the decision to just grab my equipment and go, go anywhere! destination unknown!

I started my evening by ending up in Paddy’s Market but unfortunately for me it was closed and therefore I couldn’t explore. So, That’s when  I decided to wander up towards George street with camera in hand I was ready for anything. As I walking up, I did notice the blue little figures glowing in front. I knew about these glowing ‘spirit figures’ in Kimber Lane  but I never took any night time photos of them. So there, right there was the moment a decision was made to walk through Sydney’s Chinatown. My destination had been established.

'Spirit Figures' Sydney's Chinatown
‘Spirit Figures’ Sydney’s Chinatown  

I took my time in the lane way, looking at the ‘spirit figures’ and the cloud drawings. Determining the type of photographs I wanted to take. I stood there trying to get inspired. But I was simply blank with ideas. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. With no luck of being inspired, I just took random photos and jumped out of my skin a few times due to loud bangs made by shutting doors.

I wandered my way down Kimber Lane, taking random photos of random things until I reached the end. I felt slightly disappointed with the cloud alley experience. Actually I felt disappointed in my uninspired efforts, as I just wanted to lose myself through the lens. I decided to take my chances on the food and market stalls. The experience didn’t disappoint.

Sydney's Chinatown Night Markets
Satay Chicken On a Stick

What you may not know about Sydney’s Chinatown Friday night markets is, that there’s a lot more food stalls around. So there’s no chance of you going hungry after a long walk.

With food stalls lining up and down the plaza, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of restaurants still opened and of course, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people that were there walking through markets. At one point I thought I was dreaming when I noticed a young man carrying his round faced poodle. I suppose he was trying to protect the dogs white coat by carrying it.

After hours of walking around the markets, it was time for me to head home. I was feed, watered and walked out. So it was time to call it a night. I came to the realisation that the best parts of Sydney always seem to be hidden or come alive during the night time. With that thought looming in my mind space, I also came to the realisation that-  I did have some fun after all.


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