Easey's Tram Burger dining experience



Have you ever wanted a burger so much that you would travel to another state just to wrap your hands around it and take a bite? well, I kinda did.

When I got the opportunity to travel down to Melbourne for a long weekend, I couldn’t wait to get there and try out this one particular burger place that had played on my mind ever since I laid my eyes upon a t.v segment late one night earlier this year.

Easey's Tram Burger dining experience
Easey’s Tram Burger dining experience


Easey’s isn’t your regular burger joint. Located in the industrial business area of Collingwood, Easey’s is easily missed (trust me, the Uber driver thought I was mad for getting dropped in the middle of Collingwood). But it isn’t until you look up do you realise Easey’s is anything and everything but ordinary.

Easey’s has three dining areas; street level diner, tram rooftop dining area, and also an outside rooftop dining area, both of which overlook the Melbourne cityscape (what a way to have dinner, in a tram, on a rooftop, with the stunning Melbourne scape as a backdrop)

I choose to have the Tram Rooftop dining experience (being a Sydneysider, I thought why not go the full hog) Sitting on old tram seat within a tram  that was covered in different forms of graffiti, while listening to old school rap from Tupac to NWA to Cypress hill , just made the tram dining experience unique and unforgettable. After a while of contemplating if I had stepped into another reality. I was quickly snapped back to whatever reality I was in by the waitress taking down my order. Then process of waiting for my burger, chips and drink began.

I couldn’t believe where I was or what I had ordered. Trust me when I say this, I wanted to order most of the items on the menu. I really felt like a kid at Christmas or Easter, waiting for presents/chocolates and just being consumed by the moment of total bliss.

It felt all too surreal and wonderful all at the same time while I was sitting there sipping on my drink. This thought alone made me smile more and smile wider. I couldn’t believe that the place that played on my mind for so long. And what a wonderful and magical place where burger dreams and unique dining experience, actually came true! I was soooo excited!!!

While I was deep in my thoughts, my order came and so did the joys of eating it. What an experience it was. To be honest , I ate my burger extremely slowly that night. Enjoying every bite and every taste that each layer presented. I became a burger connoisseur. Who wouldn’t though.


I felt that, if I ate this burger  like every other burger I had in the past, I wasn’t going to do  any justice. I felt like would I cheat myself  out of a fabulous and tasty experience. And if you’re wondering, YES, the burger was extremely tasty, fabulous and spicy.

Once I finished my meal, I was extremely satisfied and happy .Easey’s visit was ticked off on my burger venture and quickly placed on my next Melbourne to do list (again). And what a way to spend my last evening in Melbourne, great food, great company and great atmosphere. What more can one want or need.

So if you’re ever in Melbourne and want a weird, unique dining experience with great tasting burgers and awesome views, make sure you book your tram ride online through  Easey’s Facebook page, you won’t regret visiting this place nor the awesome food it provides. Thank you Easey’s for an amazing and wonderful experience. Until next time…


Easey's Tram Burger dining experience
Easey’s Tram Burger dining experience – Wonderful Easey’s Staff











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