FujiFilm- People.With.Cameras

Saturday 27  February, 2016 was to be the day of the first ever photographic event hosted by Fujifilm Australia here in Sydney.


I was fortune enough to be given a free pass to attend the event that was held near the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney.

The event started at 315pm, and as I walked up the path towards the fountain, I did notice a sea of photographers and camera lovers from all walks of life all waiting patiently for the event to start.


12744319_986422451427773_8669610107070109676_nSo, with time ticking away under the balmy summertime afternoon and also the eagerness of some wearing thin, the event kicked off.

We were introduce to the Fujifilm Australia organising team and social media/photography experts who gave up their time to attend and help out.

We were giving the challenge – ‘Black and White – Photographers in their Environment’. Which slightly confused me a bit as I read way too much into the title and two hours to come up with the winning photograph.

Overall, the afternoon/evening turned  out to be an experience. An experience that I’ll be happy to partake once again.

#Fujifilm #peoplewithcameras #ilovesydne #newsouthwales





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